Monday, October 31, 2011

Last Time...

This is a positive thought. I am not the first and I will not be the last person to espouse this philosophy, but if you preface everything you do with "This may be the last time I..." then I guarantee you will get more from the experience.

Yesterday I lined up for the start of what will hopefully not be my last bike race. (Just to deflate the drama a little more, I'm registered for another race this Saturday.) Knowing that I won't be racing for sometime, knowing why I was riding so slowly, knowing so many people came out just to support me, I rode better than I have in weeks.

It goes without saying that I savoured every turn of the pedals. The fact that my results weren't half bad was one hell of a bonus.

Thanks to my friend Rob MacEwen for the shot; this picture truly does say a thousand words.

Look how happy this guy is:

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  1. Kev,
    Just heard from Christi today. Floored. Also floored that you clipped in for a race on the weekend. Although, I'm not sure you actually clip in for your races; I'm just trying to sound cycle-savvy.
    As I said to Christi today, we won't be smothering you with requests on how we can help out, (cuz I expect that can be overwhelming too), but we also won't be holding back entirely, waiting to hear from you guys. You've got a lot to organize and care for. So, we will just have to find a way to help on occasion and make sure you find moments to be that happy guy described in the caption above.
    Adam and Julie