Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sunday; When the Big "C" Stood for "Catan"

Patrick (who introduced me to Catan 2 years ago), Will, and Scott came over on the weekend for a couple of games.

Is Catan a "cool" board game?

Well, not really.

But it sure is fun. And most importantly, after hopping around from foot to foot for an hour or so, it's also a nice distraction from the pain I feel on an ongoing basis.


  1. It looks like a sewing bee around a gigantic quilt.

  2. i have no idea what Catan is, so of course i googled it. I have discovered that you need to " wrest arable land from unsettled wilds, " which admittedly didn't really make things any clearer! but definitely glad you had fun : ) Any update on the less medical side of your treatment - in terms of pain reduction have you found any thing that works?