Thursday, May 10, 2012


This is Christi posting a final blog on Kevin's behalf:

My dearest husband died in the night on May 10th at home in his own bed, holding my hand.  A service to celebrate his life will be held on Tuesday May 15th from 2-5 pm at The Lambton Golf and Country Club, 100 Scarlett Road, Toronto.  There will be Steam Whistle.


  1. Christi, my heard goes to you and the kids. Kevin will always be with you.

    1. For me, rightly or wrongly so, the comfort of loved ones, parents, siblings and friends have remained somewhat at a distance, knowing that at regular intervals, with the time commitments in life, we will get together and they are always there, like a security blanket, to wrap around you in the face of life's challenges. That is to say, you expect they will be.

      Kevin was my friend and in that regard, I treated him like family, calling infrequently but knowing that when Sab, Anth, Hoss and I were to meet, the reality of getting together would be unquestionable and the bond of having lived together for so many years built a brotherhoood that ensured that no matter what, those meetings were not to be missed.

      I will forever miss my friend. I will miss sharing in the memories of the time we pools, euchre, "church", Simon's birthdays, a trip to the CN towner with Owen and Georgia and our quarterly boys nights out. When my father passed away, my friends and roommates, Hoss, Simon and Anthony came to pay their respects and having still been the only one one of us to lose a parent, I would never have thought saying goodbye to my friend would come before repaying the support my friends showed me.

      We do get busy with life, and the people in your life today are probably not the same people that held equal meaning over a decade ago. But, Kevin was a big part of my life for a significant period of time, when four guys looked out a life, before wives, before families, with their futures ahead. I am so proud of my friend...of the way he led his life, of the man he became and of the lasting impression he left on my life. I shall forever be grateful for his companionship and know that wherever he is, there will be changes for the better based on unweilding opinions of how the shop should be run. Go get em Kev and may you pave a better way for us all. I miss you my friend!

      Michael (Farrant)

  2. I don't have the words. I only new Kevin through cycling, but he was a great guy who was easy to like and get to know. Hanging out with him and the kids at races was a treat.

    Here's how I'll remember him.

  3. I have not seen Kevin since high school and only learned of his fight yesterday on reading another old friend's post about his passing on facebook. Christi, I am truly sorry for your family's loss. Kevin's wonderful personality shines through in this blog and inspires me to cherish every moment of my own life. He will be remembered.

  4. I am so sorry Christi...My thoughts and prayers are with you through this terrible time. Love Roni

  5. Huge hugs to you all. I'm so very sorry for your tremendous loss.

  6. Christi, I'm so sorry to hear about Kevin's passing. I worked with Kevin for several years on the National Geographic Channel at Alliance Atlantis until 2008. He was a creative genius and one of the nicest, most down-to-earth people that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I'll never forget how excited he was to show us a new Nat Geo promo during the brand meetings - he loved his job so much and his enthusiasm was contagious for those us of lucky enough to work alongside him.

    I would often walk to work from my midtown home and would encounter Kevin riding his bike - we'd both arrive on the forecourt at 121 Bloor at the same time and he was always in a cheerful mood, happy to start his day with a breezy ride. Many people grumble on the way into work - not Kevin. More of us should greet each day like Kevin did. Ready to take on the challenge at hand with a smile and a kind word.

    Having lost my dear Mum to cancer two years ago, it saddens me to hear of yet another wonderful person taken by this terrible disease. Christi, my heart goes out to you and your young children at this most difficult of times. Much love, Jackie Middleton

  7. all my thoughts are with kevin's lovely family. he was such a lovely man and obviously loved his family and his life very very much. i don't know what else to add other than to say that i am privileged to have known him, and I am so sorry for this loss. love, natasha

  8. I first met Kevin several years ago when he joined the Sound Solutions cycling team. With large family gatherings being a key part of the team dynamic, it wasn't long after that I also met Christi, Owen and Frankie. Its funny how just a few family get-togethers can make you feel like you have known people for years. In addition to having those great memories, it was during the past 4 months that I had such a special opportunity to get to know Kevin even more, and for that I will be forever grateful.

    This past February, the bike team held its annual "Hot Seat" party - a ritual that involves fun being poked at everyone on the team for silly highlights from the prior race season. Suffice it to say, Steam Whistle is a key ingredient. It seemed the perfect opportunity to do something special for Hoss, something that reflected just how much we were all thinking of him and pulling for him in every possible way. In bike racing, teamwork is critical. Each race, a rider is designated as the leader, and everyone pulls themselves inside out to protect that person, and to set them up for the win. And so, with the help and talent of our teammate Gord, the Team Hoss hats were born. The hats were a perfect expression to Kevin that he was our leader, and it was our goal to protect him, and help him in every possible way we could.

    An amazing thing happened...people started asking for hats. With Kevin's support, we started selling them to raise money for charity. When I asked Kevin where he wanted the money to go, he answered without pause - "to a place that helps to eliminate the financial stress of illness for families who need a helping hand" and we found the KC Cushion Fund. We have sold nearly 200 Hoss hats, with orders coming from as far away as England. Thanks to Kevin, the money raised through these hats has helped to make a meaningful difference to families in need during one of the most difficult times in their lives.

    It has been such a wonderful privilege to meet many of Kevin's family and friends by way of the Hoss hats. The love and support people have shown for Kevin in my limited interactions speaks volumes to the extraordinary person he is, and the gift he has given all of us by being in our lives. I have learned so much from his kindness, his humor and his compassion: knowing him has made me a better person.

    Kevin, if you can hear me, please know how grateful I am for all that you have taught me. I promise to continue the work we started for the KC Cushion Fund. And to Christi - my heart aches for you, Owen and Frankie. I simply cannot imagine the loss you must feel. Please know that the team is always here for you.

    Our two young boys were talking about Hoss, and asking what kind of wings he had picked in heaven - our eldest decided it must be bicycle wings. Kevin may the wind always be at your back - you will always be with us on our rides.

    With love, Tracy

  9. Kevin's passing is not only a great loss to his family, friends, colleagues and the creative community, but to humanity. He touched my life greatly, as he did many others. One of, if not the greatest man I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Every day, in any difficult situation, I ask myself "WWKD".

  10. As an honorary member of the Grace Ave. house I spent many weekends with Hoss, Sab, Ant and Stinky. They were cherished times. I remember when he met you and how deeply he fell in love with you. I remember going to "church" once or twice after crashing over, I remember heading out on Spadina to get some "fried noodle beef" after the bars closed down with you and the boys. That's how I will remember Kevin, as someone who had life in him.

    Be assured that you, your children and families are in my prayers Christi. May God bless Kevin.

    Brian Kulchycki


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