Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Can't Decide

The flu side-track continues.

Last night I woke with such a chill that I was sure the neighbours were going to complain about the sound of my teeth chattering. I grabbed the warmest clothes I could, which ridiculously, were my winter riding tights and jersey. I plugged in the heating pad, grabbed a duvet, and tried to get warm. It took almost 15 minutes to stop shivering. I got hypothermic this past spring after an ill-advised bike race in the rain, and this was almost as bad.

Then two hours later I was sweating like a pig. Between the blankets, pyjamas, bike clothes and sheets, I filled the washing machine in my sleep.

At least I was able to do the laundry by myself.


  1. I forgot to send you eucalyptus oil, but it helps with fever. So does Myrrh and peppermint, which you do have. I assume your fever is done, but if it comes up again, you can diffuse those two oils.

    As for general flu symptom relief, try hot water + lemon oil (or orange). Scoop a small tsp of honey, add 1-2 drops the oil directly onto the honey, then stir into the hot water so it dissolves. Add a splash of orange juice if you like, but not enough to cool it down. Drink a few times/day. It's a non-chemical version of neo citran!

  2. Correction: so *do* Myrrh and peppermint.

    Clarification: diffuse them separately. (Breathe in lots!) You can also put a drop of peppermint on your tongue (yummy) or rub some on your chest and throat. Watch out for hungry Xmas elves though or you may become someone's peppermint-coated dinner. (Eucalyptus works well on chest and throat too.)