Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stomach Full of Anger

With apologies to Andy Schleck, I have a stomach full of anger.

In the first couple of weeks after my operation I was pretty astonished at how quickly I was recovering, even if it may have been a normal rate.

But since then I've more or less plateaued.

My stomach starts to hurt after eating a small amount of food.  I have different areas that ache each day. I think these are both caused by my muscle wall healing up and my remaining organs dealing with the extra room.

These things have also caused a problem that only exists because of pure vanity: my abdomen has settled into a new look that can best be described as "misshapen." There's a long horizontal indent running just above my belly button that makes the areas above and below look like fatty rolls. It impacts my ability to enjoy my post cancer weight drop!

Hopefully there will be a new, higher plateau in the near future.

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  1. Funny - I just read about visualization and affirmation related to health and it feels right to post it here. (Hope it doesn't sound too flaky!)

    "Tell your body to be healthy, and EXPECT health to come. Concentrate on areas that are hurting and visualize them becoming well. Affirm and visualize yourself in a state of perfect health. Don't focus on the ailment, FOCUS ON THE END RESULT YOU DESIRE."

    It also helps if other people think about you this way as well. It's all about that spooky energy mumbo-jumbo stuff. Believe! ;)