Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Hiatus

I mentioned many posts ago that I'm not a deep thinker, and I'm feeling right now like I've used up almost all of my deep thoughts. So to give myself a chance to recharge I am going to stop posting until the New Year.

If you're lucky enough (like me) to be spending time with family over the next few weeks, give 'em the attention they deserve.

And for Christmas movies, you really can't beat "The Blues Brothers."


  1. Kevin and Christi, have a great Christmas with the kids and your families. It was good seeing you at the Shaw party last Saturday. You chose the right moment to call it a night… they flooded the ice right after you left.

  2. Here's a deep thought for you:

    Toward the end of the Stone Age I bet there was already a feeling that metal was just around the corner.

  3. smart move....enjoy the holidays!!

  4. Hi Kevin

    Your comment about The Blues Brothers brought back happy memories of New Year's Day at Lake Muskoka. Have a great family time. My positive thoughts are with you.

    Rick Bauman

  5. Hi again!

    I'm new to this blog thing and assume there isn't a one-post-per-day limit!

    I'm very late to your news, so I have just finished reading your entire blog in proper sequence. It has been a long time since we were neighbors in Etobicoke and I am struck by seeing that the really neat little kid (Crichter the Lowly Worm??) has become an incredible, courageous and witty man. Those who are in your life are very lucky people. I look forward to a visit in the Spring when we return from Florida.

    Happy trails.