Monday, February 27, 2012

Plan B

Based on how I feel much of the time, I was not surprised when my CT scan came back with more bad news. While we (meaning: my wife, my family, and my oncology team, not the Royal We.) were hoping to see the tumours holding steady or even shrinking, the scan showed at least one new tumour and growth pretty much across the board.  The nice part about going in slightly pessimistic is that the news was not at all devastating. At least not for me.  So today I see my oncologist with actual hopes for an actual new plan. Maybe a trial, maybe a less effective (on paper) drug, maybe a continuation of folfirinox...who knows?  Work-wise, I am about to go on long term disability. Weird. Hopefully the insurance company will spy on me to see if I'm faking my illness, and hopefully I'll feel good enough that they think I am.


  1. We were very sorry to read this latest news. But, your attack of plan b and hopes for a new angle are inspired! If the insurance company does spy on you, I think a few of us should put on "Kevin" disguises and have them document us taking part in various forms of debauchery before suddenly revealing our true identities. Or maybe you should just go for the debauchery thing anyway. Or maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to debauch. Or an excuse to dress up as "Kevin".

  2. Following along with your journey, Kevin. Like everyone else, I'm inspired by your courage and sense of humour. Sending a little Florida sunshine your way.
    Rick B

  3. We (and in my case I do mean the "Royal We") are sad at this news but in awe of your spirit. For the record, Plans B are historically often far more effective than Plans A. How I love these wonderfully old-fashioned, grammatically-correct and curious constructs - like "gins and tonic" and "directors general". Can you think of a few more?

  4. Agree with TheBrit. There's a reason that Plan B's exist -- because they're usually better than Plan A. And we're all going to have to work way harder at mind-zapping those tumours into oblivion. SERIOUSLY, PICK IT UP, PEOPLE!!! Put a daily (or more) reminder in your electronic device. Set your mental phasers to disintegrate and aim at those unwelcome cells as often as you can. Take no prisoners!!

  5. You're the only man I know with guts enough to take Plan B to an all new new level! Im so on your side, Kevin!

    1. YES! What Shawn said with spades.

  6. You and your family are being sent tons of good positive vibes but sorry, I have nothing but a colossal "Eff off!" for the tumours. Actually, not even remotely sorry, unless your kids read this comment and you have to explain my language to them.

    Elena (Christi's friend and former colleague)