Thursday, February 2, 2012

Like Space Mountain, But Not As Much Fun

I'm currently in the middle of a "good week:" meaning that I am far enough away from my chemo that I'm not completely overcome by sleepiness. In the past few days I've been out for a long walk, visited the acupuncturist, ridden my indoor trainer, had lunch with my dad, visited my massage therapist, hung out with my mom, watched the CX World Championships with some buddies, and done some water changes on the fish tanks.

The trouble is that I am incapable of doing any two of these things consecutively.

Hence the Disney World™ analogy: the constant ups, downs, lefts and rights make navigating this chemo like riding a roller coaster in the dark.


  1. You put us to shame, Kevin. In the past few days, many of us haven't done one yet alone two of these things at all. Never mind the consecutively part.

    I have just decided to hang out with my Mum tomorrow (via FaceTime, as she's in the UK) and go for a walk.

  2. So sorry about the upsa and downs (well, the downs, really) I totally can't imagine how it all feels, Kevin. But you're not missing much. Space Mountain is LAME! It's basically the Wild Mouse in the dark.