Friday, January 27, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

In a hour or two I will finish up my second chemo cycle. You're probably wondering if this cycle was better or worse than the last one. I'm wondering too.

Very few things feel as intense in hindsight as they do in the present, so for now I am saying that neither treatment was particularly tough. The first had me nervous, and some minor feelings of nausea only made me more so. The second treatment was quicker and more efficient, but it also included a nice flare-up of back pain that had me hopping around the chemo ward, making everyone nervous. The hiccups haven't been as bad this time, but the nausea was worse - in the depths of it I really wished I could have thrown up and have been done with it - but no luck.

I think this shot is safe enough to not hide behind a link - it shows how my 46 hour drip is attached to my port-a-cath. Just a tiny little needle, really, and carrying the bottle around isn't that much of a bother.

Frankie calls it "The Curious Bottle."

Since I've subjected you to my hairy chest I thought I should show you what my head hair looks like after two days of not showering (can't get the port-a-cath wet.)

Since it should start falling out in a week or two I think I may keep with the Eraser Head look!


  1. That's OK Hoss, it looks like it was falling out anyway!

  2. Kevin, soon you can join me and Stinson in rockin' the "Jason Statham" (you could even hotwire Laurence's Audi to complete the look!).

  3. Hmmm....Brian, David and Jason....not a bad club to belong to...

  4. Honestly, Kevin. The lengths some people will go to to depilate. Isn't that such a fantastic word?

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