Sunday, January 8, 2012

Post-Birthday Ride

I like to get out for a ride on my birthday whenever possible, but yesterday I was busy being treated to a spa, spending time with my family and getting a nice dinner (with an even nicer apple pie for dessert.)

So I got out for a ride today instead. Report below:


  1. Glad we didn't get a report from the spa.

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  3. Hi Kevin,
    We’ve never met, and maybe never will. I’m a 4th year student at Dalhousie univ. in Halifax. My Mom, Vicki, was a neighbour and good friend of your Mom’s back on Cranleigh. My grandmother was Liz Koring and she was your nursery school teacher. Just wanted you to know....because you never know how many people read a blog that my mom and I and my Uncle Paul all read your blog. It inspires us, changes us, makes us laugh and makes us cry. We are just so proud of your courage and we think Christi is pretty amazing too.

    I have tons of respect for you and you are a great role model. I thought I would comment here since I am new to the sport of riding while you are the experienced and passionate one. Already starting to love the sport and am training hard for the 2012 Ride to Conquer Cancer. I wanted to let you know the cancer I am riding for is Pancreatic Cancer. There will be tons of cheers for you and other cancer fighters like you.

    I’m riding for my Grandmother and I’m riding for you.

    Please keep writing.....

    Love Emily