Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bear With Me As I Entertain A Metaphor

I've been watching all twelve hours of "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy in the middle of the night as I've struggled with sleep issues (a BluRay version came my way this Christmas), so indulge me on this one:

(If you need to read the books or watch the movies to make this relevant, I'll wait so you can catch up)

The Ring, which threatens to destroy all of Middle Earth, is cancer.

Gollum, a very tricksy and foul creature who is nonetheless crucial in destroying The Ring, is chemo.

And Samwise Gamgee, the Hobbit who protects Frodo with no regard to his own happiness and safety, is my wife.


  1. you got it all,Kevin. Al the power with you and Christie

  2. Gandalf described Frodo as "taller than some and fairer than most, [with] a cleft in his chin: perky chap with a bright eye." Sounds like someone I know.

  3. Frodo Baggins, for some, will also forever be Rudy.

  4. Hi Kevin, it's Brian (Kulchycki), I've been talking to Simon lately and he told me about your updated condition. Just finished reading your entire blog. You're mentally strong and that, plus a positive attitude, will beat this thing better than chemicals can. Lesley and I wish you the best and you are in our prayers.

  5. Samwise Gamgee???
    You had better cite a metaphor starring Liv Tyler as your wife.
    Trust me.