Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyclocross Revisited

Today was the last CX race of the season, and I couldn't resist the pull. So I borrowed my Mom's car (thanks Mom!) and drove up to Albion Hills in style. I'm not a car guy, but her 2011 Mini Countryman squashes our 2007 Toyota RAV4 like a grape.

With my 3D camera (which I won (this year hasn't been all bad)) in hand, I wandered around the course shooting footage of Ed and James. Sadly for James, he flatted on the first lap. Ed rode a pretty solid race, but since his last big ride was the 3000m gain up the 57km of Mt. Haleakala, he wasn't feeling too punchy.

More than a few people approached me to see how I was doing. Although I am a bit sick of talking about my cancer, I didn't mind it today. I felt genuine belief from everyone I talked to that I'd be back on the bike and covered in mud next year. As far as vibes go, belief is better than hope.

The best part (I think) was that I was happy just to watch, cheer and heckle. Even I am smart enough to know that I would have suffered miserably if I were out there - that knowledge suppressed any desire to be on my bike.

But there's still the New Year's Eve race.

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