Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Day After

Greetings from the other side!

Here I am with my friend Jeero. Thanks Ross! I also got a massive flower arrangement from the good people at Shaw Media. And of course I am keeping busy with the iPad from all my work buddies.

The surgery was quick and I'm told it went well. My family has been at my side watching me sleep ever since. It's ironic that Christi gave birth to both of our kids but I'm the only one who's had an epidural. I am feeling no pain.

On the bummer side, the cancer did get into some lymph nodes. My surgeon cut out everything he could find, but I'll be crossing my fingers for good news on the pathology report and my next CT scan.


  1. Glad to hear the operation was a success. Best wishes from Australia.

  2. Yo Hoss, it's Jay. Very happy to hear the surgery went well. The Vincze family is thinking of you and sending you our best wishes. Nice UglyDoll -- reminds me of a CX racer after crossing the line on a nasty-muddy day! Get well.

  3. We're also thinking positive thoughts 'round here.
    Glad you're enjoying the epidural.

  4. You certainly don't look like you're feeling any pain. Was hoping to pay you a quick visit tomorrow with Sab, but I've managed to catch Moe's cold. Probably when he sneezed into my open mouth. See you soon, Boss Hoss. Your chicken is fed.

  5. The epidural comment was hilarious! Your words speak volumes and Jasper highly recommends the Lego Star Wars app. $29.95. According to Jasper all troubles in the world will cease to exist and can play without eating, sleeping ..... you already know this.

    Looking good dude.

  6. Kevin, love the hair (and I say that out of jealousy).  Good to see your smiling five-o'clock-shadowed face!  Congrats on the race this weekend. I would have come out to cheer you and Croutch on, but alas, I had a wedding to attend. Next time. Speedy recovery my friend!
    ps. you should definitely use this photo for your new Shaw security pass.