Friday, November 25, 2011

It's Been At Least A Week Since I Mentioned Cycling

So I will do so in two ways.

While I am amazed at how well I feel, it's a fact that I don't feel 100% healthy. I get tired pretty quickly, my stomach gets upset easily, and I feel as if Nolan Ryan drilled me in the Xiphoid Process with his fastball. So I don't think I'll be hopping on the bike any time soon. All the better that my teammates not only had me over for a surprise dinner last night, but they also chipped in the get me an indoor trainer.

Riding indoors is going to suck, but at least it won't cost anything! If all goes well, this baby will be for sale before next winter. Feel free to inquire.

The second bike thing is far more important.

On the day of my operation there was a terrible accident that claimed the life of a wonderful woman in our neighbourhood. I myself did not know her, but as a yoga instructor she volunteered her time to teach in my daughter's kindergarten class - her son was Frances' classmate. She was pregnant with her second child when she was killed riding her bike at Dundas and Sterling Avenue. And if that's not tragic enough, her husband is a cancer survivor.

So if you're wondering what to do with some holiday money, please consider a donation to her surviving family. You can do so by checking this page:
Or through PayPal at to the email

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  1. While Nolan Ryan is a good 'ol reference point, a more contemporary MLB pitcher to emphasize your point would be Aroldis Chapman. (League's fastest pitch @ 105 mph). I had to look that up, but it was convenient to do so since I also had to look up Xiphoid Process. (I know, I should know these things).

    Also, I've been thinking about one of those indoor trainers; I'll try yours out before the year end and see if I can't take it off your hands.

    It might be a good day for heavy duty sandwiches on Tuesday?

    On the sad note, I remember the story of Jenna Morrison. I have set in motion the process to support her family through PayPal; I've never been set up with that service before. But, I couldn't see any other way to make a donation. It just takes about a week to activate.